Guided Crystal Meditation

Guided Crystal Meditation Group (Seated) 

During this guided meditation we will work with Crystals to enhance our practice. All group
members receive Usui Reiki energy healing. You are provided with everything you need, Cushions/ Mats /Chairs and Crystals. You get to keep your Crystals so at the end of the 8 weeks you will have a Crystal which relates to each of your chakras.

Meditation brings balance to your physical, mental and emotional state, reduces stress, brings increased happiness, better sleep, reduces blood pressure, treats depression, improves brain function, pain reduction, improves your immune system, treats anxiety.


8 week block £56 – 45 Minutes

Monday’s at 5.45pm and 7pm

Thursday’s at 6.30pm


Beverly Raftery

Telephone: 07425 155135