Alsager back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain

Tips for pain free gardening

Alsager Back Pain, Shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain.

It’s the bank holiday weekend and the sun will hopefully shine.  Are you planning on hitting the garden?  Here are our top tips to keeping pain free.

When the weather starts to improve, many people’s thoughts return to their garden’s.  Every year I treat many people who’ve got a little overzealous with their spring gardening and ended up in pain.  

 So what can you do to help minimise the risk of pain?

1 – Don’t over do it – it’s tempting to get everything done in one day but try to pace yourself over a few days/weekend’s.   Too much activity, too quickly is often seen as a threat to your body and your brain will warn you to back off.

2- Take regular breaks – once you get stuck in, it’s easy for the time to slip by – set a timer on your phone or an egg timer to remind you to take regular breaks.

3 – Keep hydrated – when you take your break don’t forget to grab a glass of water.

4- Avoid prolonged bending – bending isn’t necessarily bad for our backs, but our bodies don’t like being in one position for a prolonged period of time.  Change posture, stand up regularly, move your hips in circles and side to side, do some gentle back-bends etc.

5 – Invest in a good kneeler – your knees will thank you!

6 – Know your limits –  for some jobs it’s just best to get someone else to do it or at least help you. 

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